Hilario A. Bautista II

God’s Salvation in the Philippines

I was born in the a Religion that believe Jesus Christ is just a man “Iglesia Ni Christo” and when I was in second year in high school I was excommunicated because I believe what the Bible said that Jesus Christ is GOD, and this is The Grace of God is working in me. For many years I don’t have any Religion and in 1991 February 28, there came Preacher from Bible Baptist Church Project 8 Quezon City, supposedly presented the Gospel of God, by believing to follow the prayer, he said to me if you believe in your heart, God will save me, then I believed… that day he said I was saved by grace thru faith, also giving me a Bible verse on Ephesians 2:8-9 that said  V.8 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:9 Not of works, lest any man should boast.” after a month the church baptize me and continued believing that I was really save, and proving that I’m a saved person by doing some religious work in the ministry at Quezon City. In 1994 of June I entered Bible school and finished it and I’ve been zealous on my religion at that time also I transfer my membership to GRACE BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH at Common wealth Quezon City under the ministry of Ptr Timoteo Ogatis Jr, but for many years I have a lot of question in my mind that it has not been answered and it is The LORD’S plan to me, the years past by I married Catherine have children [ Jemima and Safeeya ] and the years past by we moved to Las Pinas City also my membership to ALMANZA BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH  under the ministry of Ptr Maximo Manay and work there for 5 years at Integrity Sunday School International, after that I went back in full time ministry at that Church in ABBC. We transferred from church to church, and doing that God’s working to Catherine. God said to her... “I will give you Pastors according to my heart… “ Jeremiah 3:15  And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.” And this is the Grace of God to her preparing for the coming of the servant of God.

         Finally the church had sent me and my family to Sto Tomas Batangas to start a Mission work, and there in Sto Tomas Batangas we have a group of 6’s Pastors, our Chairman is Ptr Danny Arcilla, He is the one who invited Ptr Claude, Ptr Charlie and Ate Dolce, a member of Ptr Charlie, and Ptr Danny invited them to his church, and invited all of us six Pastors. God sent His messenger to us; this is The LORD’S plan. They preach there both of them, when I heard them I told myself this is the one who can answer all my questions [ God is moving to me ] but the first time there were I was busy in the work of the ministry I told them when they come back I will prepare for them TO LISTEN and have FELLOWSHIP with them. Before they went back to U.S.A, they invited the 6’s pastor but Ptr Edward and I only are available, we eat and fellowship at Sta Rosa Laguna near their Hotel, and before we separated we pray at the hotel. That is the start of communicating to us with Ptr Edward, the four Pastors has a negative view with Ptr Charlie and Ptr Claude because of theirs doctrine.

The second trip to the Philippines, Ptr Claude and Ptr Terry came, the message of God to us that we are not saved, I was ANGRY at that time to them because I’ve been in the ministry for many, many years and they told us that we are wrong. But this is The LORD’S Grace preparing me, on that day God is moving to me and opening my understanding.

Then the third trip here in the Philippines, God told them to say God will TEARDOWN, AND DESTROYED ALL our wrong belief, they say they are here to tear down and to destroy and to start the right foundation. They  scheduled our bible study in the morning and preaching at night at Ptr Edward’s church, one night that was Wednesday as Ptr Terry preached on the text on John 4:24, He said you have to worship God in the SPIRIT and TRUTH…, after that he went to the illustration about the adulterous woman at the feet of The Lord Jesus Christ, suddenly God show Himself to me, I SAW THE WOMAN, SIMON THE PHARRISSES AND THE LORD JESUS, when the woman kneel down at Jesus’ feet, I saw myself as woman kneeling at the feet of Jesus, God showed HIMSELF to me and show me who I am, a sinner that night, I realized am a sinner and God authenticated that He sent His messengers to us. That night I was crying hard because God showed me who am I, that I’m a sinner like the adulterous woman needed to be saved. That night there are some Pastors that came and I told my experience with God, I saw Him, but they don’t believe me. In the morning we were at Lipa Batangas at the hotel as Ptr Terry ask me what happen that night, I told everything but Ptr Terry said, I didn’t got saved, but just to show Himself to me that He is real and sent His servant, that is the Grace of God to me, because of that experience I was able follow God; also Catherine understand that she also is not save by this experience of mine. After that Ptr Terry talking to Ptr Edward and Dante, I ask Ptr Claude to have separate conversation with me because I felt not worthy to preach anymore I’m a lost preacher who does not know God. The two whole weeks are finish and my whole family decided to follow God, this is the Grace of God given to us.  And they went back to U.S.A.

The GRACE of God and God’s goodness was upon me and family that’s why we are able to follow God with Alona and Edriane. We transfer  to Sta Rosa Laguna and Liberty Baptist Mission is in my house, near to Alona and, we continue to listen on a LATE VIDEO of Ptr Terry and Ptr Claude services and Sunday school, Sunday after Sunday , every service God showing me who I am that I AM NO MORE AN ADULTEROUS WOMAN BUT A PHARRISEE… On the month of August first week there something inside me that I cannot explain, one night we Skype with Ptr Terry, He said to me, “…are you discourage because of my countenance, but it is godly sorrow on heart, because God is working on me. In August 12, 2012 early in the morning I email Ptr Claude and ptr Terry because I can’t find the Sunday night worship of Grace and Faith, we don’t have a afternoon message to listen, then Ptr Claude email me said to listen on July 29, 2012 as two weeks late message of Bro Scot on Ptr Claude church, I have some problem what is to listen because there are 3 messages on the Righteousness of God. I downloaded the 3 messages and I decided to listened to bro Scot on Sunday morning service I’m not sure what right message we should watch, but God work in me and decided to listened on the afternoon message is the morning service that bro Scot is the one who will preach? On that message bro Scot’s introduction he spent his 15 minutes saying you have to listen very well and say not to yourself you know this, you know that but try to listen.  Because it is not Ptr Terry or Ptr Claude I just sat down a listen without expectation on that message, in the middle of the message, He gives his testimony how God saved Him not a adulterous woman but a Pharisee and I remember what happen to me when God show Himself to me when Ptr Terry message, at Ptr Edward church, and at the middle of that message, I felt God is calling me, in my mind there’s a struggle if I’ll go to God? then I decided to come, before I will kneel down at the ALTAR, Abe started to cry upstairs so I was distracted that time, I went up to get Abe, [ Ptr Terry called our children the DIVINE DISTURBANCE], At first Satan hindered me, but God call me again, thru the message of bro Scot, I heard he said “God is here on the ALTAR come to Him” I remember Ptr Terry told me when we are skyping “ you don’t need me brother, you need God to save you… Then I decided to come to God, but there’s a struggle on my mind is IF THE MESSAGE IS FINISH THERE’S NO ONE TO HELP ME THE VIDEO WILL STOP AND THERE’S NO PREACHER. But God’s calling was very firm on me, it’s really God is calling ME thru the message. So I decided to kneel down at the front that is our ALTAR, but a few minutes nothing happens I was tempted to look back and ask Alona to help me what I’m going to do, and then a flash back of what Ptr Claude telling me “believe the message,… believe the preacher...” and  bro Scot SUDDENLY I heard he said to His message, “you have to believe you are a sinner”…, so I believe with all my heart then, then started to CRY, I cried hard for help for God’s mercy, there are something inside of me coming out, I cannot stop crying I saw myself not worthy of Him but the Grace of God, is more than my sins. In my mind I said there is a struggle if this is really the SALVATION OF GOD and before bro Scot finish his message I heard he said “I know someone was being move here to there…” but there is no one on that ALTAR, but me only here in the Philippines and I say to myself that’s me, that’s me. God saved me today. AMEN