The Personal Testimony of Jade Yanson

My name is Jade Yason. I was born and baptized in the Catholic faith. My mother was the first Baptist in our family since 1985. We lived in Muntinlupa City. Since then my mother brought us always to the Baptist Church in San Pedro, Laguna. Our church attendance was very good then. We attended Sunday school service that taught us Bible stories and Christian living. One day, my fellow student in Sunday school asked me if I am saved, I answered,  "What is that all about?" Then he told me that I should accept the Lord Jesus in my heart, and I did. Then I got the idea that when somebody asked me about salvation, I will tell them, "I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ with all my heart, yes I am saved". As time went by, until I reached 12 years old (Grade 6), my mother told me that I needed to be baptized since that was the right age for baptism. As I remembered, the baptizer asked me if I was saved, I did not answer. Then he told me to repent my sins and accept Jesus Christ with all my heart. Then he asked me if I did what he said, I said "opo" (yes sir). Baptism was done that day. My mother was very happy. But deep inside, nothing changed in me.

It was 1996 when we encountered a life tragedy when "Typhoon Rosing" destroyed our apartment. We decided to move to Calauan, Laguna. I was in my first year of high school. That was the beginning of my worldly and sinful life due to the influence of my unbelieving classmates. I was becoming a gambler, liar, cheater, and alcohol drinker. All the while my mother did not know, because I am holy during Sunday but carnal on weekdays. I continued it in my high school life and one time I am so ashamed to bring Bible on Sunday because of my sinful life. One day my mother asked me for a favor to help the building construction of the church in Calauan. Because I love my mom I obey her but requested with one condition that she will add my monetary allowance. During the time that I helped building the church I was amazed because all my Co-laborers did not expect any salary. They just do it by faith. I was challenged in that moment. Then I started to change my way. I seriously want to know God more, because of the inspiring testimony of my brother and sister in the church. I was involved in soul winning ministry in the church, this was the prerequisite for having a ministry in the church. One time during our soul winning my witnessing buddy made me an example on what they are going to do on how to get saved, I was shocked because I did not know how to do it because I never experienced it before. But I let them do it and I repeat what he is saying when he prayed then this time I assumed that this is the moment, God saved me because I can not explained and understand the feelings I encountered that day. I did not tell to any body what happened that day.

So I finished my high school and this time I am more serious in the Baptist faith and Christian living. God gave me choices for my college. My aunt wanted to sponsor my college study because my family had encountered financial problems at that time. My sister was in college also at that time and my parents supported her financially. My mother wanted me to go to Bible College and my father wanted to accept the offer of my aunt.  I saw the need of a full time worker in the church since it was just an establishing church at that time. I was burdened for the church needs and decided to take my mother's choice and go to Bible College. First, it was not easy for me. My father told me that it was not his plan for me, he want me to become a Marine Engineer. But God knows His plan for my life. During my starting period in Bible College, my father died in car accident. My mother decided to go back here in the Philippines. I was in my fourth year of Bible College when I decided to give up being a full time worker. I need to help my mother and sister to earn a living. Those were the hardest point of my life. During my 3 years of being a fulltime worker in the church I went out and this was the hardest point in my life.  I did not stop until finishing what I started in Bible College. So time went by and I graduated from Bible school. After my graduation, our pastor gave me multiple ministries. And I thought it was the very basis of my salvation. Sunday after Sunday I was the driver fetching visitors and I was assigned as a Sunday school teacher and a choir conductor.

Year 2010 I got married to my wife, Alpine Yason and we were living far away from Calauan, Laguna in Cabuyao City, Laguna. One day in the middle of July 2012 my aunt (Tita Dolce Tapia) called me and invited me to attend at the Baptist Church in Dita, Cabuyao, Laguna. I could not remember Tita Dolce. My mother just told me that we went to same church before (same with Charry, Cathy and Emerson). My wife and I were looking for a church near Cabuyao just to attend for Wednesday service. As Tita Dolce told us the address of the church in Dita, we decided to attend Sunday service. Alpine also had a hard time traveling to Calauan since she was pregnant that time. Our first experience in the service we heard Pastor Larry's testimony and I noticed, it was not same testimony comparing to other testimonies I heard in our church.  We did not come back after our first attendance. Alpine gave birth to our son and continue to attend church service in Calauan. Tita Dolce invited us again to attend service at Liberty Baptist Church.  That time, we had a difficulty in traveling to Calauan. We decided to attend Liberty for the second time.  After the service, I discussed with my wife regarding the kind of salvation at Liberty and salvation I learned in our church (simple plan of salvation-repent, believe, accept). The salvation in Liberty is a hard kind of salvation. As time goes by, we were not able to go back to Calauan because we were financially unstable. We begin to regularly go to Liberty, I know everything is God’s plan and I am amazed that He let me hear the preaching and widen my knowledge of things never taught during our bible college. When went back to Calauan, during the service, I felt incomplete though I know God is there. So my wife suggest to transfer our membership to Liberty Baptist Church due to hassle in traveling to Calauan and we decided to stay with Liberty for formality sake. Until one day, Pastor Larry talked to us about our membership to Liberty and our need to inform pastor in Calauan about this. During the period of attending services the truth in the word of God through preaching puts a desire in my heart telling me that I am lost. When I was alone at work, I pray to be saved by God. But the question is “How?” There was a time thatI felt devastated then suddenly Camp Liberty come but the schedule was too tight so I decided to take my leave in order to attend the camp for I know that I needed to be saved. During the first day, the experience was great but God did not talk to me. On the 2nd day of the camp I am listening to the preaching but still God does not talk to me we eat lunch but I was praying to God to speak to me in the 2nd preaching. Pastor Mike was the preacher on that night he open the book of Matthew.

Matthew 25:31 When the Son of man shall come in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory: 32 And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats: 33 And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left.

After reading of this verse God flashbacked every thing to me He told me that I am a prideful person and that pride was the reason why you can not get saved then God gave me a clear understanding word by word of what Bro. Mike was preaching. And on that moment in time God appeared to me that I was a goat mixing in the midst of the sheep. God had me tied up on my neck and was pulling me to the right but I would not follow then I cried to God that night and silently praying God please let me be in the right hand so that I will not go to hell I was afraid that night because I did not want to go to hell. The preaching of Pastor Mike was ended but still God did not give hope. As I was driving back home God put a song I my mind "The wonder of Your mercy Lord, The beauty of Your grace That You would even pardon me, And bring me to this place, I stand before Your holiness I can only stand amazed, The sinless Savior died to Make, A covenant of grace." As I was always repeating the portion of the song the words "And bring me to this place," God said to me that He brought me to Liberty Baptist Church so I can stand amazed. That night I text pastor Larry in our groupie and tell him I want to talk to him to ask some advice of what was happening in me. I was so afraid that night after we finished our conversation I went to bed and told to my wife what happening to me. Then we became silent when I closed my eyes God speak to me “Do not worry son I place you on the right, you are now changed and no longer be a goat.” When I woke up in the morning I had no heavy feelings and when I ask my self if am still a goat, God always speak to me no son I changed you. This was a feeling that I never experienced in my entire existence as Baptist. I know God loves me and He did not want to leave me empty handed. Thank you God you put me in the right place. So I will stand amazed in every truth you want to show me. I love you God. Truly Salvation is of the Lord.