The Personal Testimony of Emerson Salisi

I was born a Catholic. My early years were almost the same as my cousin Cathy Tapia. My mother Angelina Salisi and Tita Dolce Tapia were sisters and they were very close. Whenever someone would invite them to attend another church they would go. And as a young one I did not have a choice but to go with them. Then someone invited them to attend at Christian Bible Baptist Church at San Pedro Laguna. My mother and Tita Dolce got "saved" and became a member. I was a teenager back then so I did not usually care about that. All I know is that I have to be there with my mother. Then they told me that I should also be "saved" also. So somebody witness to me and then I follow him in a prayer. After that he told me that I am was now "saved". After that I told myself every time I did something wrong that I am already saved. So I was not afraid to commit sin because I know I am saved.

When I was in college, I experienced all the vices as in ALL. And there was a time that I would ask myself, “Am I really a "saved" person?” Sometimes I would pray again by myself, accepting God as my personal savior again to make sure that I am saved.

In 1998 my Mother died. I was so broken during that time. I stopped attending church and sometimes I' would ask God why she had to die. Then I met my wife Faith in 1999. We got married and God gave us Chloe and Zerkh.

Faith was a Catholic so she wanted us to go to Catholic Church. To avoid any conversation, we would sometimes go to a catholic church. And then one time she ask me if we can attend to CBBC and I said "Of course" so we attended one time, after that no more.

Before we had a business and it was doing good. We sold our father's lot in Batangas for 5million pesos. My father Ildefonso Salisi gave it all to us, within 2 years it was consumed. My vices were still with me, so the business went down also. We lost all of our money.

One time Faith said to me "I think we should go to Catholic Church so that God will bless us." So we go to Catholic Church and the Lord blessed us. So it became our habit that every time we need to be blessed, we go to church. And then this January, Tita Dolce Tapia came here to the Philippines. She told us that she need somebody to help her clean their house. So I ask Faith if she can help Tita Dolce Tapia clean. Faith said yes. When Tita Dolce had to cook for Pastor Terry Owen and Pastor Claude Mills, we offer to help her.

When the second time that Tita Dolce had to cook, we asked if we could come with her and she said yes. After cooking we went to Santa Rosa. We help Tita Dolce to prepare the food for the Pastors. And then after eating, the preaching started. When I heard the preaching, I told myself that it is very different from the Baptist I was attending and I knew this was the right Preachers. So my wife and I agreed to continue attending to Liberty.

I told my wife that if we continue to attend we would be blessed. One day our tenant in Tondo told me that she would stop renting our place.

"Sabi ko kung kailan kami lagi na nagsisimba lalo pa kami nag kakaproblema".

I did not want to tell my wife about that because she might stop going to Liberty. But when I told her, she said to me "Don’t worry, God will help us." I was so happy I was not expecting my wife to say that to me. I notice that there is something different in a good way happening to us now. God gave me strength to quit my vices and my wife stopped the cursing. We always pray before we eat and my kids learned how to pray and sometimes lead us to pray. Then one day I said to myself that I will follow Jesus and always prayed that someday He will save me.

I always tried to listen very well to the preaching. I asked pastor Larry, "How will you know if you get saved?" He said to me that he cannot explain to me that feeling but he is sure that you will meet God when you get saved. So I continued to try to listen to the preaching. My problem with me is that I always imagine my self getting saved in the way that I want. But God always does it the way that you do not want.

April 26, 2015 Sunday morning, Pastor Larry told us before he preach that he knows somebody will be save. He told us not to think of our self. I am asking myself, “Is this the day that I will be save?” The preaching was soon over and I did not get saved. Pastor Larry told us that God can hide from us. And then I prayed, “Please God don’t hide from me I want to see you.”

And then last Sunday morning May 3 Pastor Larry told us that we will be watching a video and he will not preach. And I told myself that I think this day is not the day that I will be save. After Sunday school we listen to Pastor Greg's preaching about "The Value of the Soul." When He started to read Matthew 16:26, I felt something. I realized that my soul is valuable to God and he is the rightful owner of my soul. I saw God sweeping a lot of souls and He pick me up and told me that my soul is His and I am not lost anymore that He found me. Thank you God!